• June 8, 2023

Confidence! So, what is it? Does it come naturally to everyone? Or let me ask it this way, would you say that you’re confident? If you are, are you always confident 24/7? Are there situations that shake you sometimes? If yes, how do you boost your confidence to save yourself from unnecessary embarrassments? Well, here are some tips that would come in handy anytime, any day:

Create a Confident dressing ritual

Showing up well dressed goes a long way in settling your mind. Nothing makes you more confident than knowing that you are dressed for the occasion. Not over-dressed, not underdressed, dressed just right. What is it like to have a dressing ritual? It does mean that you should always be dressed in a certain way, haha! A dressing ritual means having a routine of how you choose what to wear and how to prepare it for the actual day. This could mean choosing the outfit the night before and making sure it is in the right state. Even if it is a new outfit, just check it to make sure that your dog did not pull off the nice ribbon on your dress, that would have made a whole bold statement.

Always be enlightened before you set out

This is what we call the “extra mile” that you should go just to make sure that you look out for your social image. Make sure know you know the venue; the theme and the dress code would be your savior in this case. I am sure you do not want to go to an all-white party dressed in all-black. Knowing the time of the event will save you the embarrassment of showing up late. Showing up late would mean all eyes are on you, you start shaking and your confidence drops to below sea level, Haha! Trust me nobody enjoys such a scene. So, to be on the safer side, some research would do you better than you think.

Mind your posture always

As a confident person, your head should always be held high. Your walking style speaks volumes Both of us can tell if one is confident or not by the way they walk or stand. So, if you want to be a master in this matter, let your posture speak for you. An upright posture will always portray confidence and high self-esteem. When you walk into a room, two things are likely to happen; you either become self-conscious and worry about what they are thinking, or you own the room, adjust your posture, smile to let them know that you are grateful that they are staring. Whichever way you chose to go, I promise you two things; You’ll either lose all of the confidence you had and embarrass yourself, Or, you’ll become more confident and make the best impression of your life.


By now, I believe that you have gotten the whole picture of what I am trying to say. Dressing appropriately, doing things at appropriate places and times, and having an upright posture will surely go a long way in boosting your confidence. Confidence means high self-esteem which translates to good impressions that are never forgotten. So, folks, there you have it. Go ahead and help yourselves.

Desmond utilizes his knowledge of education policy from his undergrad, his Masters of Education from Johns Hopkins, and a variety of advanced certifications such as CHPC and LWT to construct prime academic intervention programs and homework/executive functioning support for all his students.

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